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Religion and Patriarchy

Posted in Uncategorized by Schopenhauer on March 21, 2010

Novaseeker comments over at The Spearhead:

The thing is, for you all so smart-assed atheists, is that religion is the one common narrative that brought men together in the past.

All of you post-Enlightenment-worshipping motherfuckers can bleat on as much as you like about blah blah and so on, but not one fucking one of you can ever come up with a unifying paradigm for men that is as powerful as partriarchal religion. Because there ISN’T one.

If you’re trying to do what you’re doing without an overarching narrative with *authority*, you’re pissing into the wind just like Tony Judt is doing.

Religion = patriarchy.

Why do you think the fembots agree with you about religion? You’re idiots if you think otherwise. Complete idiots.

Religion = patriarchy = civilization? Possibly. At the very least, the same sorts of things that erode religion in modern society also erode family structures. The politicization of the common man was a mistake. Democracy provides far too many incentives for getting average people to believe crazy things, with the result that some large proportion of the population now believes a number of crazy things.

The political advantage of mobilizing women as a potent electoral force led to all the craze and excess of feminism, not anything in the Zeitgeist. Similarly, religion has died because the average man’s brain has only so much meme-space and the ruling class needed to take it over to get ‘votes.’ The spirit of the age did not do this. Myth and superstition are as prevalent in our Enlightened times as ever. Modern myth and superstition simply carry more political content.

Democracies do not build social capital (socially beneficial traditions and institutions), they spend it. Ledgers must be balanced afterward.


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