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Another critique of Democracy

Posted in Uncategorized by Schopenhauer on March 25, 2010

Divine-right monarchy for the modern secular intellectual over at Unqualified Reservations:

….All these objections are neatly summed up in Churchill’s famous aphorism, if it is really Churchill’s. Democracy, whose flaws are not in any way secret, appears to you as the worst of all systems of government, except for all the others. And what do you know of all the others? Nothing at all, of course. (Or at least, nothing nonmagical. [Magical thinking is encouraged by the nature of democracy because there is a payoff for convincing people of crazy things.]) Hence the statement sounds true, because it is true. So far as you know. That migraine spot again!….As a people, we believe insane things, because democracy has driven us all insane. After all, it’s had two hundred years to do so. Its edifice of magical thinking is a wonderful thing, ornate as a Disney castle, more worthy of admiration than destruction. Sadly, it is the castle of evil, and God’s sweet fire will melt it in a flash.

Moldbug goes on to suggest that it is democracy that has brought about (directly or indirectly) the great tyrannies of the 20th century. His point is that dictators with unstable power bases tend to rise out of democracies. This sort of dictator tends is much more dangerous (to himself and others) than a dictator with a stable power base.

Socrates thought something similar. The Republic claims that Oligarchy gives rise to Democracy, which in turn gives rise to Tyranny.

All this is cheering. Democracy is bad. It has made everyone crazy. And what is coming is worse.

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